8mm Rivets - Antique Brass - Set of 10


Diameter of Tops 8mm

3 lengths

- 8mm

- 10mm

- 12mm

Where are your products manufactured?

We are proud to say that we manufacture all of our products in Australia. We have two workshop locations, either at our shop in Eumundi, QLD or at our home workshop in Yandina, QLD (just 20min down the road).

Any other brands we stock in the shop (Jacaru Hats, Badgery Belts, etc.) are also made in Australia, but not necessarily within QLD.

We are a small family business of 3 with the occasional casual worker helping us out, and we truly love the craft that we do :)

Do you use genuine leather and what kind of leather do you use?

We use 100% Full Grain Solid Leather in all of our products. There is absolutely NO reconstituted, 'pleather', Vegan Leather or composite leather in our business.

Each of our leathers is hand-selected by us before used. We determine its suitability through a series of water, heat, and strength tests before putting our time and effort into manufacturing a product with it.

We don't see the point in putting all our time into making something when the materials are of poor quality.

We use both Kangaroo, Cowhide and Buffalo leather, with the occasional Crocodile/Ostrich skin.

Our Kangaroo is sourced from Packer Leather Tannery in Brisbane, QLD. 

Our Cowhides are sourced from either Italy, Japan, Germany or South America.

We are still in the process of trying to source Australian Cowhide.

How do I purchase your products?

You have many options to purchase our products!


If you find something you like, you may order directly through the website. You may pay with Credit Card, Bank Deposit, PayPal or Afterpay.


07 54427 828

Please call, with your Credit card ready, during our Trading Hours.
We will be pleased to speak to you personally and attend to your order and any queries you may have.


You can Email  your order and we will contact you to confirm payment and dispatch details Via Paypal or Bank Deposit. Please include your PHONE NUMBER
and location/postal region.
Do not Email your credit card details. 

What does a Lifetime Warranty mean?

According to the Office of Fair Trading Australia, a 'Lifetime Warranty' is considered to be 10 Years in terms of Leather products. This is the reasonable amount of time a Leather product should last if treated properly.

Our 10 Year Warranty is on the Workmanship of the product, so if you have any problems whatsoever please contact us and we can assist you.

Do you do refunds?

If you wish to return an item because you have changed your mind unfortunately we cannot fully refund the purchase.

We are able to offer an exchange for another item, but we are not responsible for return postage.

We are able to accept product returns for a refund if:

- The product is faulty or is not of acceptable quality

- The product is not fit for its intended purpose

- The product does not match the sample description to a certain degree

We reserve the right not to offer an exchange voucher, refund or repair where the item fault is a result of serious misuse or neglect.

Once I've ordered, how long before I can expect my order to arrive?

We try our hardest to get through each order ASAP, but it can take up to 14 Business Days to complete orders due to the below reasons. We ask if you can please be patient in some instances as we can get a little overwhelmed.

As we are such a small business, sometimes we can get a little behind in production. We're keeping up with stock for the shop, as well as customer-made orders and orders from the website. We also run the retail shop ourselves, as well as Social Media and website maintenance. Sometimes our materials have run out and we are waiting on them to arrive. Sometimes one of us is sick and the others have to take over their job roles for a few days.

Do you do custom-made Orders?

We do take-on Custom Made Orders but only if it's within our expertise. Please contact us if you are interested in placing an order. 

We also advise the wait time on Custom-Made is a MINIMUM of 6 weeks.

Do you do repairs?

Yes, we can do some repairs. We can do zipper replacement in Leather Jackets, Belt Repairs and some Basic Repairs. Unfortunately as we are quite time-poor we do turn away a lot of requests. We do however, have recommendations of other Local Leather Repair Shops we can send you to. 

My product doesn't look 100% like the one in the photo. What do I do?

Leather is a natural product, so variations may occur in the finished article. This is because leather quality can vary within a skin and between skins.

We also sometimes can not obtain the exact same fittings/zips as the one we've photographed as the supplier does not have them anymore. The ones we use will still be just as durable, but may be a different style in some instances.

Each item is individually handmade so every one is unique, unlike mass-produced articles which are uniformly consistent.

Can I physically come and look at your products?

Of course! Come and visit our shop in Eumundi, we're open 7 Days a week.

Shop 6

77 Memorial Dr

Eumundi, QLD, 4562

Do you do wholesale orders or make for any other companies?

NO, unfortunately we do not do wholesale orders. Our prices are already close to maker's price and we wouldn't be able to provide them any cheaper for other companies to be able to make money on. 

What happens if I order the wrong belt size?

Please make sure you do not order your belt going off your pants size, and rather measure your actual waist with a tape measure. Alternatively, measure a current belt you a using from the end of the buckle to the hole that you're using.

95% of the time your waist measurement is at least 2 inches larger than your pants size.

We can exchange belts, but in these instances you will have to pay for return postage.

How to measure your belt.


I've emailed you and received no response. What do I do now?

Unfortunately sometimes we get a little too overwhelmed with work and haven't had a chance to check the emails or messages. Either send us a follow up message or give us a direct call on the shop phone 07 54427828




Let’s talk about sustainability. 
We all know leather isn’t the most eco-friendly material, but we do feel as a small business we’re trying to do our part in reducing the environmental impact we have in other ways.

The debate around leather is a tricky one, but we think we can still provide products to consumers in a way that’s still sustainable. Our stuff is made to last with the very best materials, and we encourage people to ‘Buy Less, But Buy Well’.

It is important more now than ever to try and implement practices that enable us to take ownership of our own product’s life-cycle. Every manufacturer and every consumer needs to be aware of how their product is made, where it has come from and the environmental impact it has.

These are some of the steps we have taken so far:


  • We’ve converted the Eumundi Shop and Home Workshop to 100% Solar Power
  • As we are small production and not mass-producing, we are running 1, maybe 2 sewing machines at any given time. Majority of our cutting is done by hand, or on a manual clicking press (lots of arm workouts)
  • Our belts are cut, skived and finished all by hand
  • We try to use very minimal water. Only a little bit is used for cleaning at the Shop. Sometimes for Wet-slicking but we try to re-cycle that as much as possible. All our water at the home workshop is from our Rain Tanks.
  • Our price labels and packaging are all made from Paper/Cardboard and tied on with leather string offcuts or cotton/hemp string 
  • We use Compostable Postage Bags (Hero Packaging) and Biodegradable Sticky Tape for our Mail Orders 
  • Any materials/supplies we receive in plastic packaging we will try to re-use again. It can be for sorting out items in our workshop, or using them for selling small amounts of offcuts/leather supplies to fellow leather crafters. 
  • We are currently working on finding more sustainable Ink alternatives for our stamps/pens (any suggestions would be appreciated) 
  • We are also working on finding alternatives for our stickers 


If you’ve ever been to our workshop, you’ll understand that we don’t throw many offcuts away:

  • It is our duty to not waste any part of the animal, so we try to re-use smaller pieces into patchwork/repairs/keyrings/smaller/zip toggles/small items etc
  • We can use any pieces down to the size of a 5 cent coin. Anything smaller we package up to give away to jewellers/craft hobbyists 


If you’ve ever done any research about Kangaroo Skin, it is considered one of most sustainable leathers in the world. 
Only a small proportion of the total population is taken for the food industry, and the leather is a recycled by-product that would otherwise end up as waste.
Kangaroos are not farmed but harvested in the wild from a large, self-replenishing population. As a result no natural habitat is cleared for them. The harvest is strictly controlled by an Australian Government program that ensures no detrimental impact on the kangaroos or their ecosystems.
We source our Roo from Packer Leather Tannery in Brisbane, QLD. 
Packer Leather's Narangba facility makes use of a large solar power system that delivers significant reductions in the consumption of natural gas and release of CO2 in the atmosphere. Recycling and reuse are the cornerstones of our process engineering. Our water use policy has resulted in continuous recycling of at least 40% of the water used in the production process. Packer Leather manages restricted chemical compliance with an extensive testing program through independent and internationally certified and accredited facilities.

Cowhide is considered the least eco-friendly of leathers. It is also one of the most durable and long-lasting so it’s a hard fence to sit on. As Kangaroo only comes to a maximum thickness of about 1.4mm and quite small skins, you have to use Cowhide/Buffalo for items such as Belts and more structured designs:

  • We try not to source our Cowhide from countries known for their use of bad chemicals, poor treatment of workers and lack of health and safety regulations 
  • Most of Cowhide is imported from Italy, who have been known for their quality of leather for 100s of years. We also source from Japan and a little from South America (Buffalo).
  • We are working on sourcing Australian Tanned cowhide. There is a severe lack of Tanners still operational in Australia and the hides are usually a different quality to European leather due to the harshness of the outback. But we are still working on it 👍🏽


Most of the Leathergoods you will buy in the commercial shops will be from these leathers. It’s usually due to the softness and the price of it to buy. We do not use it as it tends to tear easily. We often get people coming in asking us for repairs on their jackets they’ve bought elsewhere, some only been purchased recently. When you’re spending $500+ on a leather jacket, the last thing you want is for it to get caught on something and rip. 
It is also quite porous and hard to get waterproof, as any liquid tends to absorb. 
We’ve specially obtained a certain Kangaroo leather that is just as soft, whilst being up to 30 times stronger than Sheep in the same thickness, and able to be made 100% waterproof with the right stitching. 

Although the thought of trying out ‘leather alternatives’ has crossed our minds, there’s no way we would be able to offer our 10 Year Warranty on our products, as that would take us another 10 years to test it. 
It is still a possibility in the future, but something we will have to fine tune and test before introducing into our business. We will only be looking into such materials as pineapple/cactus leather, and with as least amount of plastic infill as possible. 
As we feel like our products are built to last, and if you can have one of our items for a minimum of 10 years rather than a countless number of cheaper products in that time (that are probably going to sit in landfill), that surely is a better option for our customers for the time being. 

We’ve tried and tested many fittings over the years, and will not use any again if they’ve proven to be bad quality. We believe in making things once, and making it well. When you’re putting your own time into creating something, why skimp out on cheap materials?

  • Solid Brass/ Stainless Steel where we can. Sometimes certain sizes of buckles/hooks will not come in Brass or Steel, but we’ll test the alternatives out to our satisfaction. 
  • Most of our Zips are manufactured in Sydney, NSW. YKK is a very reputable brand and known for their quality over the years. 


We’ve also teamed up with CarbonClick, a New Zealand company making it easy for people and businesses to help fight climate change.

CarbonClick looks like a green button at checkout. When you click it, a small contribution is added to your basket which purchases carbon offsets. These offsets reduce the environmental impact of the carbon emissions related to the purchase. CarbonClick’s offsets fund forest restoration, tree planting, and renewable energy projects around the world. We’re proud to be part of the fight against climate change.

We’ll be making our own contributions, and changing our practices to reduce our carbon footprint. We hope you’ll join us in creating a sustainable future, by choosing to CarbonClick with your purchase.


Too often we see people throwing away their old decrepit belts, and usually with a perfectly good buckle attached. 
Majority of the time the actual belt is far too gone (being the ‘synthetic reconstituted’ leathers, that only usually last somewhere between 1 month- 1 year), so we’ve decided surely there should be a more economical option for all those belts going to landfill. 
If it is indeed a proper leather belt, and is just a little worn or broken, we can still re-use the leather as offcuts in repairs or smaller items.
We’ve decided to launch our ‘Belt Recycling Program’ in May, 2021.
This means, when you bring in your old belt with a usable buckle, we will give you $5 off your purchase of a new belt from us. This way we can make sure either the whole, or part of the item will be put to good use and you can enjoy a belt from us that will last you a lifetime. 
We hope we can inspire people to think about their current-day purchases, and to buy less, but buy well.



Drop it off to us at our shop at 6/77 Memorial Dr, Eumundi, QLD. We’re open 7 Days a week.

MON - 10am-4pm

TUE- 9am-2.30pm

WED- 8am-3pm

THU- 9am-4pm

FRI- 9am-4pm

SAT- 8am-3pm

SUN- 10am-3pm

If you can not make it to the shop between these hours, please give us a call as we can make special appointments outside these times.



The actually belt part doesn’t have to be in good condition, but the buckle must still be re-usable. We ask you do not bring in anything with broken, corroded or rusted buckles.



No, as long as the buckle is still in working condition you can bring in any belt.



Of course! You will receive $5 off your purchase of a new belt from us.



No, it is only a maximum of 1 voucher per person. Unfortunately as we are a small business, we can not offer larger discounts at this point in time.



You must redeem the voucher the same day you swap in your old belt.



No, you must use the voucher on the purchase of a belt, and must be redeemed on the same day of the swap.



No, we do not accept any other leather items. As we are a small shop we do not have the space for any other recycling initiatives.



Unfortunately at the point, we are only accepting belts in-store.

We are however, working on having this as an option on the website, where we send you a prepaid satchel you can post your belt to us in.

Keep your eyes peeled, but this will have to be very well fine-tuned before launching.

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