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Custom & Tailor-Made Leather Jackets

Where else can you find a Genuine Leather Jacket tailor-made for YOU in Australia?


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The Famous Multi-Wallet Belt Pouch

In the McCaul tradition of innovation to suit the changing needs of the individual.  As our entourage of personal necessities grows this Pouch will prove invaluable.

The Multi Wallet organizes: money, passports, sunglasses,other wallets, mobile phones, 
notebooks, pens, Compact Discs, keys,credit cards, address books, and much more.

The 7 ways of using this revolutionary new unisex wallet:

Travel safe
On a belt, (great security) with the front two pockets tucked inside your trousers. Thus securing passport, money and valuables. 
The medium size is best suited to this.

Very handy in your bag, briefcase or car's glovebox for those special articles that need to be kept in something.  On the waistband of your trousers or skirt - using the front half of the wallet outside.  It always sits well and feels comfortable due to its saddlebag style counterbalancing.

On a belt, folded or unfolded. The Belt loops are at the rear or the Multi Wallet.

Shoulder Bag 
A retractable detachable leather cord or strap allows it to hang as an elegant shoulder bag. Either outside as an elegant bag or underneath the clothing for complete security.  It can be turned inside out so that no zips are showing.  The thin nappa leather is never bulky

On the Arm 
The wallet can be secured around your arm or even on your ankle under your trousers.

Rolled up as a wallet; on or off your belt. As you would use a conventional wallet

A safety pin inside the pocket can further attach it to your clothing.  Making it even harder for a pick pocket to thieve your valuables.

Comes in Five sizes:

Small 13 x 16cm

Fits all your basic essentials. Phone, Wallet, Keys, Coins.

Small Long 13 x 20cm

Fit's new larger phones.

Medium 15 x 16cm

Fits folding money, notes, bills, small address book etc.

Medium Long 16 x 20cm

Fits new larger phones.

Large 15 x 18cm

Fits Organizer, this size fits many items even when folded or rolled up. 

All wallets feature:

Three zippered pockets with YKK zipsEasy action, brass, non magnetic, clip fasteners. Reinforced 6 cm wide belt tabs


The Features Of A 'Real McCaul' Product


All my products carry a TEN YEAR WRITTEN GUARANTEE on the stitching and workmanship of the article.



My suppliers know I'm only interested in the best of the best - The best leather is sourced. Kangaroo (Australia), Cowhide (Australia, Italy and Germany). The best zips. I exclusively use "YKK" Brass where suitable and hard wearing 'Wetsuit' nylon zips where scratching would be a problem.



All Paul McCaul garments carry the ingenious Real McCaul stamp of versatility - there are simply so many ways to wear and use a real McCaul item.



Nothing beats a Paul McCaul Leather item for flair and appeal.



We cut out the middle man for you, providing you with a product straight from the manufacturer. Due to the handmade nature of this product prices vary and are available on request directly from Paul by phone or email. 


Paul McCaul gives you value and in this day and age that is a fast diminishing virtue.

The Man Behind The Name

Forty Seven Years ago in the peaceful coastal hinterland of Northern N.S.W, Australia, Paul McCaul started creating apparel out of spent calico flour bags, making for himself anything that he needed. He was fascinated in the Hobby whilst studying Botanical Science At UQ. He then began trading at small local craft markets where there were other hand made products.

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