Leather Care


Most of our leathers are 100% waterproof, although to ensure extra protection make sure to apply either a Waterpoofer Spray or Wax Dubbin.

For suede, nubuck and unfinished leathers we highly recommend the 'Waproo' Waterproof Spray.

For all other leathers we recommend a 'Joseph Liddy' Dubbin.

Instructions for Dubbin

1. Clean the leather thoroughly

2. Apply a small amount of the dubbing wax to a damp cloth and rub all over the leather sparingly

3. Repeat as necessary

4. Leave to dry naturally in shade for 30-60 minutes.

5. Buff wax off with a dry cloth.


Dry Leather

If you live in Queensland like us, alot of leather tends to either Dry Out or grow mould.

To breathe new life into your dry leather, try first with Dubbin. If this does not work we recommend applying an oil into the leather.

Any type of oil will do, whether it be vegetable oil, coconut oil, neatsfoot oil etc.



Mould is formed from bacteria forming in a stagnant moist environment.

Wipe the mould off with a cloth and place item in an area that is well ventilated and with a lot of air flow (such as the back of a door).

If the mould returns, purchase some Clove Oil from the chemist (comes in a small dropper bottle) and dilute it in a spray bottle with some water. Spray onto product and rub into. This will kill the spores.