How to Find your Correct Belt Size

We all know how much clothing sizes vary, which is why we don't like to measure and make our belts according to pants size, as it is usually much smaller than your actual waist measurement. 
We advise to never order a belt from us that is the same as your pants size. 

How To Find Your Correct Belt Size

1. Put a tape measure around your waist and pull it snug where you usually wear your belt. Make sure the positioning is correct and not too high or not too low. Do not measure over the top of another belt. 

This is the most accurate way.

2. Grab an old belt that fits you and measure from the very tip of the buckle to the hole you are currently using. 

3. Look at the label of a pair of pants you are wearing and add 2-4" inches onto that.

For example: A 38" inch (97cm) pants size = Usually a 40" (102cm) - 42” (107cm) actual waist measurement. 

Your accurate waist measurement is usually one to two sizes larger than your pants size.

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