We use 100% Solid Leather in all of our products. This means we cut each piece straight from the hide.

We test each type of leather before we use it with a water, heat and strength test, to make sure it's fit for our use. We don't see the point in putting all our time into making something when the materials are of poor quality.

We use both Kangaroo & Cowhide leather, with the occasional Crocodile/Ostrich skin.

Our Kangaroo is sourced from Packer Leather Tannery in Brisbane, QLD. 

Our Cowhide is sourced from highly renowned tanners from all over world. Whether it be Italy, England, Japan, Germany or South America.

We have been using alot of these leathers for over 30 years so we know that they stand the test of time.

We are in the process of trying to source some Australian Cowhide.