Meet the Makers- Leathergoods Made in Australia


 Forty Seven Years ago in the peaceful coastal hinterland of Northern N.S.W., Australia, Paul McCaul started creating apparel out of spent calico flour bags, making for himself anything that he needed. He then began trading at small local craft markets where there were other hand made products.

His thirst for knowledge and practical determination in taking on any job regardless of His thirst for knowledge and practical determination in taking on any job regardless of the difficulty has given him a diversity of experience and skills that make him the versatile craftsman that he is. As time moved on he was fortunate to make connections with some very talented people: European designers, traditional leather crafters & artists.

Paul spent the next fifteen years as a marketeer from Tasmania to Queensland, during which time he completed his Science Degree as well as pursuing other much loved interests family, travelling, inventing and permaculture.
Originally making innovative durable outdoor gear from canvas & oilskins he went all the way and specialised in the genuine leather jacket; which was becoming harder to find when similar looking sheepskin products became mass produced and readily available.

As we approach the years ahead, it is still possible to get "The Real McCaul". Paul and Oosaar McCaul still make quality leather apparel at home on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland in the true cottage craft tradition.

The leather and style built into Paul’s creations makes them much more durable than most other products. Paul is now using Kangaroo Nappa exclusively, as it is by far the best for strength, weight and softness. There is no built in obsolescence with a Paul McCaul product!

Being a perfectionist and doing mainly custom work restricts Paul to a small scale, family operation. This has enabled him to develop his unique style. Balancing the key elements of comfort, durability & style in a classic fashion is characteristic of "a McCaul"
Customer service has always been paramount with Paul McCaul, so by going to visit him at his shop in Eumundi on a Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday you're sure to be provided with one on one experience with Paul McCaul himself.