Kangaroo Leather

We source our Kangaroo leather locally from a 100 Year Old Family Owned Tannery in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. 
Kangaroo leather is an ethically produced material, as well as sustainable to the local environment. It has been scientifically proven to be the strongest leather in the world for its weight.
To obtain a similar strength you'd need to get a cow hide leather probably up to three times as thick. It is known to be upto 10 times stronger than cowhide in the same weight, and 50 times stronger than some sheepskin.
Research found kangaroo leather has numerous advantageous qualities, including a tensile strength that exceeds that of any other domestic animal leather, a naturally fine grain, and a light weight. Differences in the fibre structure of a kangaroo's skin also means its leather is the strongest compared to others of equivalent thickness. The kangaroos are not farmed, so they live a long and prosperous life in the wild.
The same tannery we source our leather from manufactures and distributes for the likes of premium sporting goods (football boots, gloves, motorcycle racing suits, hiking boots etc).
"It's 10 times stronger than the average garment leather, so it's very unlikely to rip or scuff. A lot of leather clothing is made of lambskin and it's pretty weak. People have a lot of trouble with it. They catch it on things and it tears, but that doesn't happen with kangaroo."
Kangaroo leather (K-Leather) - high strength,


Kangaroo leather is weight for weight the strongest leather available. Its structure consists of highly organised main fibre bundles, which have a secondary supporting mesh. Combined with low angle of weave, low fat content and a very thin grain layer this provides superior strength against leathers from other raw material types at similar thicknesses.

Naturally thin, kangaroo leather retains all it strength where other raw material types require heavy splitting and shaving which significantly reduces physical performance.

The unique properties of kangaroo fibre structure are further enhanced through our innovative processing techniques which provide product designers with a versatile, strong and light natural material.


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